Terms and conditions of: b2b.glowly-distribution.eu 

I. Definitions

§ 1

In these regulations, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations", the following terms should be understood:

"Seller" - Ida Marcinkowska running a business under the name GLOWLY Ida Marcinkowska, ul. Ustronie 2, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki, registered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity, NIP 7732492897, e-mail: b2b@glowly-distribution.eu,
"Store" - an online store located on the website https://b2b.glowly-distribution.eu
"Client" - a natural person, legal person or an organizational unit that is not a legal person, to which a separate act grants legal capacity, performing business or professional activity on its own behalf,
"Account" - the Customer's account established by him in the Store in accordance with the principles set out in the Regulations,
"Policy" - Privacy and cookie policy available at https://b2b.glowly-distribution.eu/pl/content/6-polityka-prywatnosci

II. General provisions

§ 2

The Regulations define the rules for the provision of electronic services by the Seller to customers, consisting in the possibility of concluding online contracts for the sale of goods in the Store's assortment at the prices given on the relevant subpages of the Store and the creation and maintenance of an Account.
The store enables entrepreneurs to purchase goods directly related to business or professional activity. Through the Store, the Seller does not sell to consumers within the meaning of art. 221 of the Civil Code.
Customers who are natural persons declare and at the same time undertake that they will only make purchases through the Store related to their business or professional activity.

§ 3

The content presented on the Store's website, in particular announcements, advertisements, price lists and other information, is not a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 and 66 (1) of the Civil Code, but an invitation to tender.

§ 4

Photos and descriptions of goods, trademarks and other materials on the main page and subpages of the Store are the intellectual property of the Seller or producers of these goods. Their use without the consent of the Seller or the manufacturer may violate copyright.

§ 5

The prices of goods in the Store's assortment are expressed in net value (without VAT), in Polish zlotys. In the "Purchase summary" tab, next to the net value of the order, the total amount of VAT due will be indicated. The Seller may modify the Store's assortment, product prices, and conduct and cancel promotional campaigns.
The prices of goods provided in the Store do not include shipping costs or payment processing costs.
The seller is not responsible for the lack of products on offer, for downtime in the possibility of purchasing goods, as well as for changes in product prices. The seller does not declare a specific date of order fulfillment.

§ 6

A purchase in the Store may be made only after creating an Account in the Store.
The Seller is entitled to verify the Customer's status as an entrepreneur, making it dependent on the possibility of creating and maintaining an Account.

§ 7

To use the Store, it is not necessary to meet specific technical conditions by a computer or other device of the Customer. All you need is: Internet access, an e-mail address, a standard operating system and a web browser.
For the proper use of the Account, as well as placing an order, it is required to enable cookies in the web browser. Cookies are used to maintain the Customer's session after logging in to the Account and to maintain the ordering process, as well as to maintain the proper functioning of the website and statistical purposes. They can then be deleted using the appropriate options available in the web browser or using other software. Detailed information on cookies is included in the Policy.

III. Creating an Account in the Store

§ 8

A person wishing to conclude an account agreement with the Seller should complete all mandatory fields of the registration form. The form is an invitation to submit offers on the conclusion of an agreement to open an Account in the Store.
It is forbidden to add illegal content to the form, in particular to provide personal data of third parties without proper authorization.
During registration, the Customer provides an email address and password (which should not be a duplicate ID).
The customer is required to provide the data required for registration, marked as required fields. Due to the fact that the Store does not sell to consumers within the meaning of art. 221 of the Civil Code, providing the correct NIP and company are necessary to register in the Store.
Clicking the "Registration" button by the person who filled out the registration form is tantamount to submitting an offer to the Seller regarding the conclusion of an agreement for the creation and maintenance of an Account. After verifying the data sent in the form, the Customer will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the registration form, confirming the creation of an Account in the Store if the offer is accepted. At this moment, an agreement for the creation of an Account in the Store is concluded between the Seller and the Customer.
An account can also be created when placing an order.

§ 9

The customer is unconditionally obliged to store the data used to log in to the Store, so that unauthorized persons do not gain access to them.
The customer is liable on a risk-free basis for unauthorized access to the data used to log in to the Store, unless the access by an unauthorized person was caused by reasons attributable to the Seller.

§ 10

After creating the Account, the Customer has the option to edit his data, place orders, view the order history and the history of settlements.

IV. Placing and accepting an order

§ 11

The sale of goods takes place on the basis of orders placed by the customer. The customer has the option to place an order after logging in to the Account.
Orders can be placed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

§ 12

In order to conclude a sales contract with the Seller, the Customer selects the goods on the appropriate subpages of the Store by clicking the "Add to Cart" button next to the goods selected by the Customer. The selected goods are not yet ordered and the customer has the option of adding more goods to the basket, removing the goods there, and resigning from making purchases.
After selecting the goods that the customer wants to buy, click the "Proceed to order processing" button.
If the Customer does not have an Account, he can set it up by filling in the details in the "New Customer" field. If the Customer has an Account, then he should log in and provide the data for the contract.
Then select a shipping method and payment method. Next to the available delivery methods, their costs are displayed. In the "TOTAL" field, the price will be displayed including the total amount that the Customer will be obliged to pay, i.e. including the price of the goods together with delivery costs. The goods indicated in the summary, together with their number, prices, and delivery costs, constitute an offer addressed to the Customer by the Seller to conclude a sales contract regarding these goods. The customer has the option to correct any errors in the order, change it or cancel it by returning to the contents of the basket.
At this stage of placing the order, you should also check its correctness and confirm by clicking the "Confirm order" button. By clicking the "Confirm order" button, the Customer accepts the Seller's offer referred to in the above provision, which results in the conclusion of a sales contract between the Seller and the Customer.
If the payment method is selected by an external operator, the Customer, after clicking the "Confirm order" button, will be redirected to the website of the entity implementing online payments. Payments are made on the basis of the regulations available on the website of the entity that realizes online payments.
Activities aimed at concluding a sales contract, and in particular placing an order, may only be performed by persons duly authorized to act on behalf of the Customer. The parties agree that the person who has access data to the Store is authorized to conclude contracts on behalf of the Customer through him. The customer is obliged to ensure that the person who gains access to the Store is duly authorized to conclude contracts.
The seller may introduce specific purchase value thresholds, conditioning the possibility of placing an order.
The Seller has the right to withdraw from the contract of sale concluded with the Customer via the Store by submitting a declaration of withdrawal from the contract no later than 14 days from the date of placing the order. The declaration for its validity does not require a justification.

V. Delivery and Payment

§ 13

The following payment methods are available: traditional bank transfer, fast internet transfers, credit card, PayPal, ApplePay, GooglePay and payment with the Blik method. The Seller reserves that at the stage of placing the order, some of the payment methods described above may turn out to be inactive.
The delivery is made by courier to the address provided by the customer.
Deliveries will be made within the European Union.
In the case of choosing a delivery using a carrier, the goods are released when the Seller entrusts the shipment to a carrier engaged in the transport of this type of goods in order to deliver the goods to their destination. Upon the release of the goods, the benefits and burdens associated with the goods and the risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods are transferred to the Customer. The Seller is not responsible for the delay in delivering the goods, unless the reason for the delay lies with the Seller.
The Seller's liability for the carrier's behavior is excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Par. 14

The delivery costs are borne by the customer. The seller may set specific thresholds for the value of purchases from which he will cover the delivery costs, as well as apply other promotions regarding these costs.

§ 15

A sales document compliant with tax regulations is attached to the order.

VI. Responsibility

§ 16

The Seller's liability under the warranty is excluded pursuant to art. 558 § 1 of the Civil Code.

Par. 17

The seller is not liable for damage due to non-performance or improper performance of the obligation, unless the damage is the result of willful misconduct or gross negligence.
The Seller's liability for non-performance or improper performance of the obligation referred to in paragraph 1, is each time limited to the total amount of the order to which the basis of the Seller's liability is related. The Seller's liability does not include lost profits.
The Seller is entitled to interruptions or disruptions in the provision of electronic services and making the Store available, in particular if the reason is:
modification, modernization, extension or maintenance of the Seller's ICT system or software;
force majeure, acts or omissions of third parties (actions independent of the Seller).

VII. Duration of the Account creation agreement

§ 18

The contract with the Customer to create an Account in the Store is concluded for an indefinite period.

Par. 19

Either party may terminate the agreement for keeping an Account in the Store. Termination of the Account maintenance contract does not affect the rights and obligations related to the implementation of individual sales contracts concluded previously through the Store.

VIII. Amendments to the Regulations

§ 20

The Seller has the right to amend the Regulations, in particular in the event of one of the following reasons:
a. introduction by the Seller of new services related to the Store,
b.changes in delivery or payment methods,
c. modification of the shopping path,
d. changes in legal provisions that make it necessary to adapt the provisions of the Regulations to them, such as changes in the provisions on: the provision of electronic services, the protection of personal data, in the event of this reason, the Regulations may be changed to the extent necessary to adapt its content to the new requirements legal.
In the event of the will to change the Regulations, the Seller will send to the Customers, to the e-mail addresses provided by them in the Store, information about the change in the Regulations along with the content of the new Regulations. Information will be sent to customers at least 3 days before the planned changes come into force.
A customer who does not accept the planned changes may terminate the Account creation agreement. If the Customer does not terminate the Account creation agreement before the new version of the Regulations comes into force, then it becomes binding for the Customer on the date indicated as the date of entry into force of the new version of the Regulations.

IX. Final Provisions

§ 21

When using the Store and in correspondence with the Seller, it is prohibited to provide illegal content.

§ 22

The Regulations are available at the Seller's headquarters and at https://b2b.glowly-distribution.eu/pl/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use